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ROS 2 on Microcontrollers with micro-ROS & Zephyr

By February 13, 2024No Comments

ROS 2 is a very popular open source robotics framework which allows to build and orchestrate very complex robotics systems. In this Zephyr Tech Talk video, Dave Rensberger, Principal Member of Technical Staff  at Beechwoods Software Inc, and his team talk about all things robotics and Zephyr with Benjamin Cabe.

Dave and his team recently looked into micro-ROS, a microcontroller-optimized client API for ROS2, which allows to bake even more intelligence into the low-power sensors that may be part of a robotics application. They’ll look at the Raspberry Pi PicoW specifically, from how to use PIO/SPI to interface with sensors, to a preview of upcoming Wi-Fi support, to integration as part of a complete ROS 2 setup, with a Linux-based agent in charge of the higher-level processing.

If you missed it, watch this Tech Talk video below or on Youtube or LinkedIn:

Don’t miss the next Tech Talk on Wednesday, February 21 at 6 am PST/9 am EST/3 pm CET. Luis Ubieda, Lead Firmware Engineer at Croxel, will discuss his journey into adding support for a BLE Shell in Zephyr. Adding a shell to an Embedded device can be incredibly helpful for troubleshooting and debugging. The Zephyr shell already supports a variety of backends including UART, of course, but also Telnet or MQTT.

Luis has been working on adding support for BLE as an additional transport layer, and will tell us about his journey and why the BLE Shell might be your next best friend if you tend to (re-)write custom command-based protocols and CLI-like interfaces for your Bluetooth projects. Subscribe to the live stream here.

About Tech Talks:

Zephyr Tech Talks are live streams organized Benjamin Cabé, Zephyr Developer Advocate,  for the community. Sign up to be featured here in an upcoming live stream. Watch past Tech Talks on the Zephyr Tech Talk Youtube Playlist.


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