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Program Overview

Zephyr Training Partners are members who provide Zephyr training in a professional setting. The Zephyr Project provides this Training Partner Program in order to extend the breadth and reach of Zephyr knowledge, provide opportunities for a broader audience to teach and learn, and engage the community to achieve expertise in the critical areas needed for a healthy ecosystem while we share the message and benefits of open collaboration.

Training Partners


Ac6 specializes in training for embedded real-time systems and Linux. Ac6 also provides engineering, consulting and expertise. Among their offerings is a comprehensive Zephyr training course that attracted hundreds of engineers. Participants will gain the skills to develop, configure, debug, and trace Zephyr applications. It includes an in-depth understanding of Zephyr Kernel Services, writing devicetree and drivers, and more.

Delivery formats: Ac6 offers both tailored in-house courses and public inter-company sessions, available in face-to-face and live online formats.

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Golioth empowers engineers to quickly connect, collect, and route data from MCUs using various technologies like cellular and Wi-Fi, and is well-optimized for Zephyr RTOS. Go from prototype to production-ready in a fraction of the time with a flexible, universal firmware SDK and the powerful Golioth device management console.

In their (free) Zephyr training session, you’ll learn the basics of what makes up Zephyr RTOS and how major components are used when developing applications. You’ll work through several hands-on examples designed to explore common elements for new developers. Developers who successfully complete the training will understand the major components that make up the Zephyr ecosystem and how to use them during application development. The training exercises help to build muscle memory for the build and flash process, and provide an opportunity to implement rudimentary features for a better understanding of the RTOS. These skills directly apply to application development for your business.

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Nordic Semiconductor

Nordic Semiconductor is a fabless semiconductor company specializing in ultra-low-power wireless solutions for the IoT.

Nordic Semiconductor’s primary SoC and SiP hardware products support wireless technologies like Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth Mesh, LE Audio, Wi-Fi, Thread, Zigbee, Matter, LTE-M and NB-IoT, KNX IoT, as well as the 5G standard technology DECT NR+ and 2.4 GHz ISM band communication. The nRF Connect SDK (Software Development Kit) integrates Zephyr RTOS as a core component and lets developers build scalable, modular, and future-proof firmware.

Nordic’s (free) self-paced DevAcademy course, nRF Connect SDK Fundamentals, includes several up-to-date lessons related to Zephyr, including Devicetree, Devicetree model, GPIO, UART, I2C Zephyr APIs, the logger module, multithreaded application, and thread synchronization.  There are other courses on DevAcademy on Bluetooth LE, Wi-Fi, and Cellular IoT.

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NXP designs purpose-built, rigorously tested technologies that enable devices to sense, think, connect and act intelligently to improve people’s daily lives. From developing ecosystem solutions to supplying integral parts, NXP works closely with customers to navigate complexity, connect system players and build breakthrough technology that advances our world.

NXP’s (free) self-paced training courses cover Zephyr™ OS for Edge Connected Devices, including ZephyrOS basics, accelerating development, and application portability.

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