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Zephyr RTOS on ESP32

By April 13, 2021No Comments

ESP32 is a popular family of low-cost and connected SoCs. It is popular amongst hobbyists, and it is also used in commercial applications.


  • The first ESP32 support on Zephyr RTOS was available in 2017 on Zephyr v1.9.0. Only a basic set of peripherals was supported (I2C, GPIO, UART), and applications could only run from SRAM.
  • Espressif started to contribute to the work in 2021.
  • hal_espressif is based on the modified version of ESP-IDF
  • The IDF versions used in the Zephyr were: v4.3, v4.4, v5.1
  • Recent versions of hal_espressif are made with an emphasis on more flexible updates and new SoC support

Current development status

The complete support status is tracked in the following GitHub issue:

Getting started guide

The generic Zephyr Getting Started Guide can be used to set up the development environment, with only a few ESP32-specific steps.

After the “Install the Zephyr SDK” step, fetch and update the binary blobs needed to build the Wi-Fi applications:

$ west blobs fetch hal_espressif

More information can be obtained from the ESP32 based boards’ documentation.

Here are a few examples of boards maintained by the Espressif Systems:

  • esp32_devkitc_wroom
  • esp32_devkitc_wrover
  • esp32s2_saola
  • esp32s3_devkitm
  • esp32c3_devkit

To get a complete list of ESP32 based boards take a look here:

Further information

Don’t hesitate and check out the Discord channel to get in touch with ESP32 Zephyr developers!

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