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Zephyr Project member Golioth continues to make news

By August 26, 2021No Comments

A version of this blog originally posted on the MCUboot website. For more content like this, click here

MCUboot, a secure bootloader for 32-bit MCUs, welcomes Golioth as a new member!  The MCUboot project aims to define a common infrastructure for the bootloader and system flash layout on microcontroller systems to ensure secure and easy software upgrades. The project falls under the Linaro Community Project Division, which manages open source community projects with open governance. MCUboot joins the already hosted projects OpenAMP and Trusted Firmware.

Golioth, which recently joined the Zephyr Project as a Silver Member, is a platform that allows device makers to deliver on the promise of cloud connected IoT. It enables hardware developers to build secure end-to-end IoT-connected products using their choice of hardware and connectivity, all without the need for a team of cloud engineers. From device messaging to security, updates, analytics, and more, the platform provides device services that work with every developer’s hardware and firmware requirements.

Golioth believes it is essential to standardize the key component of any embedded system, the bootloader. If there isn’t one industry standard, companies are forced to support various custom bootloaders which results in more engineering effort and cost for all. Multiple implementations also means more chances to get security wrong. This is why Golioth has chosen to join the MCUboot project to help drive the standardization of a much needed universal and secure bootloader.

“We believe IoT should be secure by default and the security of a device starts at the bootloader,” says Jonathan Beri, CEO of Golioth. “Does every company really need to reinvent the humble bootloader each time, instead of focusing on differentiated features? Should they also toil on unbrickable, always updatable and securable low-level software? We believe not, and are excited to be involved in making MCUBoot become the standard in secure, reliable bootloaders for IoT.”

Learn more about how Golioth works in this Zephyr Developer Summit video that includes a demo of how to connect Zephyr-based devices to the cloud.

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