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Zephyr Developer Summit: Keynotes (Videos)

By September 6, 2022No Comments

More than 380 people registered for the 2nd Annual Zephyr Developer Summit, which took place on June 8-9 in-person in Mountain View, CA and virtually for attendees around the world, to learn more about the fastest growing RTOS. We hosted a “Zephyr Intro Day” on June 7 and had 4 tracks, 2 mini-conferences, 2 tutorials, 54 sessions and 58 speakers who presented engaging technical content, best practices, use cases and more. We’ll be adding event videos each week to the Zephyr Youtube Channel.

Today, we’re featuring all of the keynote presentations including, “Zephyr as the Foundation for a Microcontroller SDK,” “Towards an Industry-Standard EC,” “The Power of Consistency,” and “From Zephyr’s Structured Data to Traceable and Testable Open Hardware.” Watch the videos below or click on the session title for links to the presentations.

Kate Stewart, Vice President of Dependable Embedded Systems at the Linux Foundation, kicks off the keynotes:

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Zephyr as the Foundation for a Microcontroller SDK” – Joel Stapleton, Engineering Manager at Nordic Semiconductor

Zephyr Project infrastructure and tools can be leveraged to dramatically simplify development and maintenance with a silicon vendor Software Development Kit integrating the Zephyr RTOS. in this short talk we describe how Nordic Semiconductor makes use of this principle to build the nRF Connect SDK; a scalable, modern SDK that supports our wireless System on Chip ICs.

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Towards an Industry-Standard EC” – Simon Glass, Software Engineer at Google

Laptops typically include an always-on Embedded Controller (EC) which looks after power, keyboard, battery and many other functions. Google is working on creating a flexible EC implementation based on Zephyr OS, which OEMs can use as a base for innovation and differentiation across Chrome OS, Windows and Linux laptops. This short talk describes the vision and potential benefits of this initiative, along with a progress report.

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“The Power of Consistency” – Anas Nashif, Software Engineer at Intel

Consistency or the planning for it is a must as you build and grow an open-source project with 1000s of contributors and 100s of vendors participating in the development. The Zephyr project would not have gone far without some level of consistency in each of its layers, starting with supporting the various hardware architectures, how the code is structured and coded all the way to how hardware is abstracted and implemented.

Consistency establishes reputation, creates accountability, help maintaining the message and above all, makes a project relevant.

In this short talk we describe how Intel, a contributor and a user of every aspect of the project on various hardware architectures, benefits from the power of consistency in the Zephyr project.

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From Zephyr’s Structured Data to Traceable and Testable Open Hardware” – Michael Gielda, VP Business Development at Antmicro

Zephyr’s structured approach to describing platforms opens the door to building transparent and scrutinizable systems, championed by initiatives like RISC-V and CHIPS Alliance which are empowering innovation in open hardware. With the growing importance of digital sovereignty, teams need the ability to rapidly move between platforms, make informed decisions around hardware choice and understand the composition and interrelations between hardware platform components and software. In this keynote we will present a new project which aims to create a thorough and actionable description of the hardware landscape available to Zephyr developers, allowing you to try out, develop and test real software in practice, without having to source dev boards or chips.

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Bringing Infineon’s Low Power, Connected and Secure PSoC™ 6 Microcontrollers to Zephyr” – Danny Watson, Senior Manager, Software Product Marketing Manager at Infineon Technologies

Creating connected, secured and low power solutions is a complex task for any product maker. By joining the Zephyr Project and enabling board support, Infineon is working to ease the design process and speed time to market.  Join this short talk will explain what we have brought to the Zephyr Project and what we will be focused on bringing in the coming year.

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If you have questions or would like to chat with any of our Zephyr speakers, ambassadors or members of the Technical Steering Committee (TSC), please join us on Discord.