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Recap of Zephyr meetup in Berlin, Germany

By April 23, 2024No Comments

The vibrant city of Berlin played host to the third Zephyr Project Meetup in Germany. 

The event kicked off with a warm welcome accompanied by refreshing drinks and delicious pizza, setting the stage for an engaging evening ahead. As participants settled in, expert speakers shared insights into Zephyr’s practical uses and its potential to bring about positive changes across different industries.

Oliver Völckers, Founder and Managing Director at BeST Berliner Sensortechnik GmbH, presented on “Using Zephyr for Wastewater Monitoring with Signal Processing.” His talk highlighted a critical aspect of public transport: the maintenance of wastewater tanks in trains. Leveraging Zephyr RTOS and Nordic’s nRF9160, BeST Sensor’s solution ensures real-time monitoring, timely maintenance, and improved passenger experiences.

Following Oliver’s presentation, Kevin Kotinkar, Technical Sales Engineer at Nordic Semiconductor, provided valuable insights in his session “Zephyr – Swiss Army knife or obstacle course”. He explained the common hurdles encountered by newcomers to Zephyr and shed light on its vast capabilities. Kevin highlighted how Zephyr powers various products and discussed why mastering its usage is crucial. He emphasized that Zephyr is more than just an RTOS, providing a faster development cycle and insights from industry use.

The lightning talk added an extra spark to the evening, featuring Fridtjof Gustavs, the co-founder and managing director of MotionLab, sharing insights into the origins of MotionLab and its pivotal role in fostering innovation and collaboration among companies, including those leveraging Zephyr for their projects.

Next, Oliver Von Sperber, CEO & Founder of AXO Track, emphasized Zephyr’s pivotal role in sustainable railway infrastructure monitoring. He highlighted how Zephyr enables real-time monitoring of switches and crossings, crucial components responsible for train delays. By employing sensors integrated with Zephyr, the team aims to minimize delays by providing timely maintenance interventions.

Stanislav Pankevich, a Software Architect at Reflex Aerospace GmbH, provided attendees with insights into ongoing safety certification efforts within the Zephyr ecosystem. His research focuses on making requirements useful for open source software, a key question within the Zephyr Safety Working Group (SWG). 

The SWG aims to achieve certification for the IEC 61508 standard and Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3/Systematic Capability (SC) 3 for a limited source scope. Stan outlined the group’s activities, which include understanding and structuring requirements, linking them to source code elements, and integrating safety considerations into every aspect of Zephyr’s development. He encouraged participation in the SWG to contribute to Zephyr’s safety objectives.

A big thank you to MotionLab for hosting us and the drinks, and to special mention goes to Nordic Semiconductor for providing the boards, swags, and refreshments.

With each gathering, the community grows stronger, paving the way for a future where Zephyr continues to redefine possibilities in IoT development.

Stay tuned for upcoming events. And if you’re as excited about Zephyr as we are, consider hosting an event in your city.

Reach out to us and explore how you can bring Zephyr to your community and make a difference in the world of IoT development.

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Susan Remmert