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Products running Zephyr RTOS at Embedded World 2024

By March 26, 2024No Comments

The embedded World Exhibition & Conference, occurring in Nuremberg, Germany from April 9-11, is a pivotal event for the global embedded community. Bringing together experts, industry leaders, and associations, it delves into the latest in embedded systems, covering components, modules, operating systems, hardware, and software design.

As an exhibitor, the Zephyr Project will be showcasing demos and products running on Zephyr at booth Hall 4-170. Members Analog Devices, Antmicro, Nordic Semiconductor and NXP as well as Ac6, AVSystem, Ezurio, Golioth, Infineon, IRNAS, Memfault, Percepio, Renesas, Sternum and Synopsys will have demos and ambassadors on-site to answer questions. Learn more about the demos here

In addition to demos, there will be a dedicated showcase of products running on Zephyr, highlighting its widespread adoption and impact across industries.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the innovative products you can expect to see:

  • The BeST SENSOR Pump Monitor for wastewater tank monitoring facilitates effortless wastewater tank status monitoring, promptly detecting and addressing issues with advanced sensors and Nordic’s cellular IoT solution.
  • The Blixt Zero Miniature Circuit Breaker redefines electrical safety with nanosecond response times and real-time monitoring, ensuring enhanced power management and safety in industrial settings.
  •  BL5340 Series Multi-Core Bluetooth Modules offer unparalleled connectivity for IoT applications, featuring dual-core MCU architecture and advanced security features.
  • The BT510 Bluetooth 5 Multi-Sensor packs robust sensor capabilities into a compact, IP67-certified device, ready for deployment in harsh environments with its long battery life and multi-sensor platform.
  • The CHESTER Extensible IoT Gateway is tailored for various applications including Industry 4.0 and smart city initiatives. With its flexible power supply and LPWAN communication technologies, CHESTER ensures reliable connectivity even in remote areas. Developers can leverage the open access SDK built on Zephyr RTOS to create customized solutions.
  • The Framework Laptop 13 DIY Edition, distinguished for its sleek, lightweight design and high-performance capabilities. Powered by Zephyr, this notebook provides users with transparency and control over device functionality.
  • The GARDENA Smart Irrigation Control system integrates seamlessly into the GARDENA smart system, enabling customized, automated irrigation schedules for optimal water usage in up to six garden areas.
  • The Lildog and Lilcat GPS Trackers for pets ensure the safety of furry companions through location tracking and insights into their well-being, including temperature, sleep patterns, and activity levels. 
  • The Rudolf Animal Tracker, offering precision and reliability in real-time animal tracking, even in challenging environments like Finland’s Lapland.
  • The SenseCAP T1000-S LoRaWAN Tracker provides precise outdoor and indoor location tracking, ideal for diverse monitoring applications with its card-size design and various sensors.
  • The Träck presents a compact LoRa tracker for monitoring devices and goods, promising streamlined asset management across industries.
  • The TRACK Solar Asset Tracking device offers solar-powered asset tracking, equipped with intelligent tracking capabilities for various industrial applications, designed to withstand harsh environments and offer reliable performance
  • Vestas Wind Turbines will also be showcased, representing a commitment to shaping a sustainable future. With over 164 GW installed worldwide, Vestas turbines utilize smart data capabilities to maximize efficiency and effectively harness wind resources. Interested in the future of sustainable energy? Be sure to ask how Vestas Wind Turbines are integrating cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize renewable energy production.
  • The Wio Terminal ARM Board offers wireless connectivity and a range of onboard sensors, compatible with Arduino and MicroPython, facilitating endless IoT possibilities,
  •  The Sentrius™ MG100 Gateway enables seamless data capture and cloud connectivity for Bluetooth 5 sensors, facilitating rapid IoT application development.

Image taken at Embedded World 2023

If you’re at the main conference and still want to continue learning about Zephyr RTOS, attend one of our sessions that will provide valuable insights into this versatile RTOS. Learn more here.

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Susan Remmert