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Zephyr RTOS is easy to deploy, secure, connect and manage. It has a growing set of software libraries that can be used across various applications and industry sectors such as Industrial IoT, wearables, machine learning and more. Zephyr is built with an emphasis on broad chipset support, security, dependability, longterm support releases and a growing open source ecosystem.

If you want to learn more about Zephyr, we invite you to the 2nd annual Zephyr Developer Summit, which will take place virtually and in person at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, on June 8-9. The summit features technical content, tutorials, mini-conferences and more for developers who currently leverage Zephyr or want to learn more about how to use it.

For those new to the RTOS, we are hosting an “Intro to Zephyr Day” on June 7 that requires pre-registration. Sessions include everything from why Zephyr, basic technical instruction to hands-on tutorials that will help new developers or engineers get to know the ins and outs of the RTOS.

Check it out – From 1 pm – 3 pm PDT:

Hands-on with Zephyr-based IoT Hardware – Data Goes in, Data Goes Out, Data Goes Up – Chris Gammell & Mike Szczys, Golioth: This is a hands-on developer training showing how to get a finished piece of hardware utilizing the various features that Zephyr has to offer. The main thrust of the training is getting up and running with the Zephyr toolchain, implementing examples on a piece of hardware (provided), and interacting with cloud services. The user will learn about various abstraction layers around things like CoAP and CBOR, and experience a real world example of a smart device talking back to the Cloud. This will also expose the user to web-side technologies and how they can export data to external commercial services like AWS, Azure, and GCP. Golioth will provide all training materials, including hardware (not including laptops) for up to 30 attendees.

Mastering Zephyr Driver Development – Gerard Marull Paretas, Nordic Semiconductor: In this presentation, we’ll cover a broad range of topics related to Zephyr driver development, including: – General guidelines about Zephyr device drivers and best practices – The role of Devicetree and Kconfig in device drivers – Application-specific topics: out-of-tree drivers, custom driver APIs and hands-on: implementing a real driver.

You can check out the complete schedule here. Or, if you would like to register as in-person or virtual attendee, click here.

The Zephyr Developer Summit is made possible thanks to Diamond Sponsors Antmicro, Google and Intel; Platinum Sponsor Nordic Semiconductor; Gold Sponsor NXP; Silver Sponsors Golioth and Memfault and Session Recording Sponsor BayLibre.

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