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Insights from the Embedded Online Conference 2024

From April 29 to May 3, 2024, the Embedded Online Conference once again brought together the brightest minds in embedded systems engineering, virtually this time. Despite the distance, the wealth of knowledge shared and the innovative ideas exchanged made this event as impactful as ever. If missed the live sessions, recordings of the talks are available for viewing, ensuring that the knowledge shared during the conference continues to benefit the embedded systems community worldwide. Register at no cost and watch the videos. 

One of the highlights of the conference was the focus on Zephyr. Kate Stewart, Vice President of Dependable Embedded Systems at the Linux Foundation, and Benjamin Cabe, Zephyr Dev Advocate, and a few other project and community members gave talks about Zephyr.

Kate Stewart’s presentation, titled “Architecting for safe embedded systems that integrate open source components,” shed light on the evolving landscape of product development. Kate emphasized the importance of integrating and testing components from diverse sources, especially in the realm of open source projects. She proposed a framework for a “system” bill of materials to streamline integration and ensure the dependability of complex systems. Watch the presentation here.

Benjamin Cabe’s talk, “Practical SBOM management with Zephyr and SPDX,” shared the insights into the challenges of writing secure embedded software. Benjamin demonstrated practical methods for identifying and managing software components within Zephyr applications, crucial for assessing security posture and responding to incidents effectively. Watch the presentation here.

The conference also featured a lineup of talks exploring various aspects of Zephyr development:

  • Stefano Fiorentino shared insights on leveraging Dev Containers for quick and easy Zephyr OS development setup. Watch here.
  • Chris Gammell discussed Zephyr tools for debugging hardware, essential for troubleshooting and optimization. Watch here.
  • Andrew Eliasz demonstrated Zephyr RTOS programming with the BBC Microbit v2, showcasing the versatility of the platform. Watch here.
  • Pedro Bertoleti showcased Zephyr RTOS in action, highlighting its flexibility and suitability for diverse embedded software projects. Watch here.

These talks provided attendees with practical strategies, tools, and insights to enhance their Zephyr development workflows and build more robust embedded systems.

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