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Embedded World Recap 2023

By April 4, 2023April 6th, 2023No Comments

What a show! The Zephyr community had a great time at the embedded world 2023 conference in Nuremberg, Germany, 🇩🇪 showcasing our product demos and participating in insightful discussions from experts to beginners. There were almost 27,000 attendees and over 950 exhibitors from 44 countries 🌍.

The Zephyr Project booth was located in Hall 4, Stand 170. Antmicro, Nordic Semiconductor, NXP, AVSystem, Blues Wireless, Golioth, IRNAS, Memfault, Parasoft, and Sternum were a few of the member companies we had on display in the booth. Additionally, we featured products from non-member companies that run the Zephyr OS on their products. Visit this page to learn more about the product demos. Visitors had the chance to speak with the Zephyr Project experts at the booth, which featured the most recent developments in the project.

Oliver Völckers, Founder and Geschäftsführer BeST Berliner Sensortechnik GmbH

The Zephyr Project was also featured on the Embedded World Conference talks on “How to Design an Embedded Signal-processing System Using Zephyr RTOS” and “A Customer-specific, Distributed, and Wireless AI System for Wastewater Pump Monitoring.” These sessions covered topics like how to get started with the Zephyr RTOS, what the benefits are, and how simple it is to integrate it into the system.

Many attended these sessions and were interested in learning about Zephyr and its capabilities and had queries related to upgrading from other RTOS or SDK’s.

At Embedded World 2023, the Zephyr project was well-represented, and several attendees expressed a genuine interest in it. There were also students and lecturers among the visitors who were already using the Zephyr RTOS in their studies and curriculums.

If you are a hardware hobbyist or maker, you might have seen the team’s short videos about the Zephyr Project. If you would like to know what Zephyr OS is in 3 mins, do check the video made by Electromaker team with Benjamin Cabe, our Zephyr developer advocate. 

Zephyr Project was also one of the participants for IoT Stars, a networking event for IoT professionals in Nuremberg that was held during the first night of Embedded World. IoT Stars joined Embedded World 2023 to bring together top IoT professionals and discuss the latest products, services, and market trends. From innovative start-ups and scale-ups to established players, the event highlighted the need for collaboration in tackling the challenges of the rapidly growing IoT market.

Benjamin pointed out during his talk at the event, that one of the most significant challenges still facing the market is the chip shortage. Building future-proof IoT means building firmware which can easily be ported to another hardware platform. “You don’t want to tie too much into a particular hardware system, because you never know if the chip you’re using all of a sudden won’t be available anymore.”

Read more about the IoT stars event here.

Overall, the Zephyr Project community had an amazing experience at the Embedded World event. We hope we were able to provide the attendees with valuable insights.

Have you visited the Zephyr Project booth? How was your experience? If you weren’t able to stop by the Zephyr booth at Embedded World, you can find pictures, videos, and the most recent information on our Twitter account.

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Susan Remmert