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ZephyrOS SDK version 0.9.5 is now available!

By November 5, 2018No Comments

As announced a few weeks ago in the technical meetings and communication, the Zephyr Community has been working on a new version of the SDK with updates mostly to the host tools. Today, we are pleased to announce the release of version 0.9.5 of the ZephyrOS SDK. Thank you to all the community members and companies who worked to make this release a success.

This release has the following changes as compared with version 0.9.3.

  •       New QEMU release (based on 3.0.0+git 19b599f7664b2ebfd0f405fb79c14dd241557452)
  •       Qemu installation now has all needed ROMs and BIOS files to support connecting Ethernet drivers such as the Intel e1000.
  •       New OpenOCD based master with Zephyr related changes (commit: 05e0d633)
  •       New DTC version 1.4.7+git (commit 2e930b7f8f6421638869a04b00297034c42e1a82)
  •       Upgrade arc binutils to 2018.03-rc2

The above changes, and especially the Qemu related items, requires developers to  move to the new SDK as soon as possible. Earlier versions of the SDK will not work with the master tree.

The new SDK required some changes to ZephyrOS. They include:

  •       RISCV32 Qemu is now uses a different machine type. Qemu-riscv32 is now an alias to the hifive1 board which can be run in Qemu as well.
  •       NIOS2 Qemu is now using a different UART driver
  •       ARM Qemu is now supported by two machine types:

– mps2_an385: This one will be the default target for sanitycheck and will be used for testing kernel features. This machine type does have MPU support and will enable userspace testing on ARM

– lm3s6965evb: This is the machine type we have now, we will keep it for compatibility and testing some networking and Bluetooth related features. It might be obsoleted in favor of the above in the future.

Also of note: CI will be updated with the new SDK and sanitycheck will require the new SDK to pass, meaning that if you run sanitycheck locally you will need this SDK. We now made this version required for building Zephyr.

The SDK can be downloaded from here:

Direct link to the SDK binary:

Note: All of the changes above can be found in the following PR:

If you would like additional information or to see changes made in version 0.9.4 please visit:

If you have any questions or have any issues with the new SDK, please let us know or file a bug.

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