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Zephyr RTOS Virtualization and Memory Isolation

Almost 700 people registered for the first-ever Zephyr Developer Summit, which took place virtually on June 8-10, to learn more about the RTOS. We had 3 tracks, 5 mini-conferences, 28 sessions and 51 speakers who presented engaging technical content, best practices, use cases and more. We’ll be adding event videos each week to the Zephyr Youtube Channel. Stay tuned here for more videos.

Today, we’re featuring all of the Virtualization and Memory Isolation-related presentations at Zephyr Developer Summit including Integrating RISC-V PMP Support in Zephyr, Securing MCUBoot in 5 minutes or less, Using OPC UA with Zephyr, ACRN Hypervisor and Zephyr RTOS for Industrial IoT Applications and Trusted Firmware M in Zephyr.  Check out the abstracts and watch the videos below.

Integrating RISC-V PMP Support in Zephyr – Kevin Hilman, Baylibre

RISC-V architecture has a hardware feature named PMP (Physical Memory Protection). Integrating PMP in Zephyr was key to enable the support of userspace (with shared memory) and stack guard features. The purpose of this presentation is to describe all the work that has been done, providing more details on the challenges and key decisions/choices that had to be taken.

Securing MCUBoot in 5 minutes or less – Jared Wolff, Circuit Dojo LLC

Learn how to generate and use a signing key to secure your OTA updates in a few short steps.

Using OPC UA with Zephyr – Vincent Lacroix, Systerel

In the Industry 4.0 context, data are a valuable asset that must be protected but ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of the data exchanged by the IIoT devices is challenging. OPC UA provides the appropriate mechanisms to build scalable, secure and interoperable solutions with end-to-end encryption, After a short introduction to OPC UA, you’ll learn how you can deploy S2OPC ( with Zephyr on your product to fulfill these requirements. As a bonus, we will see how Renode ( can be used with the solution in continuous integration.

ACRN Hypervisor and Zephyr RTOS for Industrial IoT Applications – Jennifer Williams, Intel 

Open-source ACRN hypervisor and Zephyr RTOS can be used together on an x86-based platforms, such as Elkhart Lake CRB. The combination leverages the isolated virtual machine environment of the hypervisor and the real-time capabilities of the operating system. This demonstrates ACRN hybrid scenario in which Zephyr is running in a pre-launched User Virtual Machine. Example usages include industrial IoT applications. This implementation uses twister and ztest framework for testing on HW.

Trusted Firmware M in Zephyr – Kevin Townsend, Linaro

An overview of the current integration work enabling Trusted Firmware M as a secure processing environment (SPE), with Zephyr as the non-secure/application environment. Presents key features of TF-M 1.3.0, and current integration work and goals with Zephyr.

If you have questions or would like to chat with any of our Zephyr speakers, ambassadors or members of the Technical Steering Committee (TSC), please join us on the Zephyr Slack.

Maemalynn Meanor