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Zephyr Project to Demonstrate IoT Innovation at Embedded World

By February 22, 2018No Comments

Next week, The Zephyr™ Project will be joining some 1,000 exhibitors at Embedded World in Nurnberg, Germany. The event, which is slated to take place from February 27 to March 1, offers the embedded community the opportunity to obtain information about new products and innovations, enter into an exchange and to maintain and develop valuable contacts.

Project members include Intel, Linaro, NXP, Synopsys, Nordic Semiconductor, DeviceTone,, Texas Instruments, Oticon and more. Many of these members will be at Hall 4: Booth 4-680 and will offer interactive IoT device demos powered by the Zephyr RTOS, which supports multiple hardware architectures and is built with security in mind.

The Zephyr Project supports more than 82 boards, with additional hardware support being added regularly, making it widely applicable to both industrial and commercial IoT devices that demand the power of a real-time operating system.

Visitors of the Zephyr booth can expect to see numerous functional prototype devices using the Zephyr kernel, including a functional Bluetooth Mesh network, a low energy Bluetooth controller, and an OpenThread demo.

Additional details about the interactive demos are below:

  • The World’s first Bluetooth 5.0 qualified, open source low energy Bluetooth Controller that features open source code from Application to Radio, a BlueZ Bluetooth Host stack, a Zephyr kernel, low energy link layer, OS Host Controller Interface, the Nordic Semiconductor nRF52, and the Arm Cortex M4F + Bluetooth 5 and Radio SoC. This demo will take a closer look at the different layers that make up a full BLE protocol stack helps explain this capability.
  • Bluetooth Mesh in action on BBC micro:bit boards available since Zephyr OS v1.9 showcases the many-to-many BLE communication, how every node can be a relay and the user interface.
  • A functional Bluetooth Mesh Network with Lightweight Machine to Machine Device Management that will showcase the Cloud Device Management System using Linux-based IoT gateways and Zephyr-based IoT devices for real-world project prototypes and smart objects.
  • A demonstration of OpenThread integration, benefits from the Zephyr infrastructure and how it works with Nordic nRF52840 and OpenThread 6loWPAN Thread Stack. The flow of IP traffic is handled seamlessly by both the Zephyr native IP stack and OpenThread: 802.15.4 traffic received by radio driver is forwarded to the OpenThread stack, where it is processed by the 802.15.4 MAC, 6loWPAN and IPv6 layers implemented in OpenThread.

Additionally, ZephyrOS will also be on display in the Avnet Silica booth, located in Hall 1: booth 1-370, in a drink ordering application. The demo uses Zephyr’s BlueTooth Mesh Implementation on BBC Microbit boards. Attendees can order a choice of drinks such as Espresso, coffee, Cappuccino and water using the Microbit. The order is transmitted through the mesh to the host where a Tcl/Tk application will display the order to the baristas. There will be a setup of 7 demo pods – each gets a BBC Microbit and the drink orders are delivered right to the pod.

Nordic Semiconductor, located at at booth at Hall 4A: 110, will also have a few new demos that feature ZephyrOS.

Whether you visit member booths or the Zephyr booth, experts will be on-site to discuss the advantages of the project and readily explain how open source derived RTOS solutions will come to power the ever growing ecosystem of IoT devices.

Stay tuned for more from Embedded World!

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