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Winners of the Zephyr Project bug fixing contest

Recently, the Zephyr Project achieved an important milestone: the release of Zephyr version 1.14.0. You can read more about the technical features of Zephyr 1.14.0 LTS here. Beyond the technical aspects of Zephyr 1.14.0 LTS, the release was notable because it represented our largest collaboration to date. More than 250 individual developers participated in this release!

As part of the release, we hosted our first ever bug fixing contest. Sponsored by Zephyr Project member NXP, this contest awarded an i.MX RT1050 to eligible developers who helped close bugs and issues in this release. Today, we are thrilled to announce the winners of the contest: Jukka Rissanen, Vikrant More, Aaron Tsui and Tavish Naruka. We thank you for your contributions to the Zephyr Project! Enjoy the boards and happy hacking!

Also, a big thank you to NXP for the board donation! The i.MXRT1050 combines high performance with real-time functionality and we think the winners will have fun developing on it. To learn more about the i.MX RT series, visit the NXP website.

If you missed the contest, we’ve got good news! We are currently working on the next iteration of Zephyr OS. If you are an active contributor and are interested in winning new boards, stay tuned to the blog and developer mailing list for information about the next contest. Details will be announced soon.

If you are a new contributor to Zephyr Project a great place to get started is to check our Issues section of GitHub. You can find the Contributor Guidelines and full Zephyr Project documentation here.

To learn more or ask questions, sign up for the Zephyr Project Slack Channel:

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