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Vancouver Hack Space joins Zephyr Project

By July 31, 2017No Comments

Introducing: Vancouver Hack Space

We are a Hack Space Society we believe in the use and reuse of electronics in creative ways.

We are tinkers. We believe in empowering people.

In the next 10yrs we may see an ever increasing technology growth empowering people to greater things than we can even imagine today.

In the next 10yrs we may be disempowered more than ever before, unable to repair our cars, our homes or electronics.

Every year it is increasingly easy to create low cost controllers electronic projects of all sorts.

The Zephyr Project has important role providing an Open Source RTOS platform for these electronic projects.

The Zephyr Project includes and extensive collection of unit and integration test that help refactor code required for constant and continued growth.

The Zephyr Project’s Open Source license is a compromise that we hope will encourage people and companies sharing innovation; and not keep innovation to themselves for short term private gain at the cost of fragmenting development.

Attached on one of our foundation Zephyr projects.

For those who are interested in exploring the possibilities of membership with Zephyr Project, please contact

Zephyr Project