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Embedded IoT World

April 28, 2021 - April 29, 2021

Embedded IoT World  is a virtual event on April 28 – 29 that is designed for developers, architects, engineers, and technicians building end-to-end IoT solutions. The embedded community will have the opportunity to join technical workshops, roundtables, and speaker Q&A covering key topics: AI & ML, Security, Edge Computing, Industrial IoT, Connectivity, and Processors/Enablement. Delivered by industry experts, conference sessions will help you design and develop embedded systems to fuel the future of IoT.

The Zephyr Project is a partner of Embedded IoT World. Additionally, a few members of the project on the advisory council including Kate Stewart, Senior Director of Strategic Programs at the Linux Foundation, and Frederic Desbiens, Program Manager for IoT and Edge Computing at the Eclipse Foundation. Zephyr will also have a few presentations at the show.

Wednesday, April 28: 

9:15 am –Pushing the open edge machine learning ecosystem forward with RISC-V, Zephyr, TensorFlow Lite Micro and Renode (Michael Gielda (Antmicro), Tim Ansell (Google), Kate Stewart, Brian Faith (QuickLogic)

The keynote panel will feature representatives of Google, Zephyr Project, QuickLogic, STMicroelectronics and Antmicro in a discussion of how the strengths of RISC-V, Zephyr RTOS, TensorFlow Lite and Renode can be combined to provide innovative, collaborative, software-driven and traceable ML development for the very edge, also on the hardware level, e.g. using FPGAs or RISC-V custom extensions. The participants will discuss modern testing methodologies and HW-SW co-development enabled by the Renode simulation framework – as used by e.g. Google’s TF Lite Team – unlocking efficient and deterministically testable ML development on platforms including RISC-V.

Other hot topics will include open source FPGA tools and Renode support for the Core-V MCU, recent developments concerning TensorFlow Lite Micro, RISC-V joining the Zephyr Project and the ML-oriented, EU-funded VEDLIoT project involving RISC-V and Renode.

10:50 am – Processors & Instruction-Set Architecture Opening Remarks, Kate Stewart

1:35 pm – Processors & Enablement Speaker Q&A Room, Kate Stewart

3:10 pm – Panel Discussion – Safety certification in the open: How the Xen project is making progress to achieve certification, Kate Stewart, Stefano Stabellini (Xylinx), George Dunlap (The Xen Project) and Artem Mygaiev (EPAM)

Safety certification is one of the essential requirements for software to be used in highly regulated industries. Besides technical and compliance issues (such as ISO 26262 vs IEC 61508,) transitioning an existing project to become more easily safety certifiable requires significant changes to development practices within an open source project. In this session, we will lay out some challenges of making safety certification achievable in open source. We will be offering an in-depth review of how Xen Project is approaching these challenges and try to derive lessons for other projects and contributors.

4:45 pm – Device Security & Safety Speaker Q&A Room, Kate Stewart, Stefano Stabellini (Xylinx), George Dunlap (The Xen Project) and Stephen Olsen (BlackBerry QNX)

Thursday, April 29:

9:15 am: Panel Discussion – The relationship between connectivity, edge computing, AI and machine learning in embedded systems, Barna Ibrahim (Google), Jim White (IOTech), Colleen Josephson (Stanford University), Aditya Kumar (Facebook) and Edoardo Gallizio (STMicroelectronics). 

  • Discover how definitions for edge computing will continue to evolve and the impact this will have on engineers building embedded systems for the edge
  • Understanding the vast array of connectivity options to tailor your device build so the tech will run smoothly as well as looking at which option fits best
  • Dive into AI at the edge: A look at the different types of hardware AI accelerators

For more information about the conference, visit the main conference page.



April 28, 2021
April 29, 2021
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