Mailing Lists and Community tools

The Zephyr Project community encompasses a number of smaller communities, each with its own focus, needs, and methods for communicating.

The Zephyr Project member community consists of the member organizations and their representatives. Each member organization provides an administrative representative to the project's Governing Board, and a technical representative to the Technical Steering Committee, or TSC. You can find more information on the About page. Members meet periodically at the Governing Board meetings, and face to face at least annually at the Linux Foundation's Open IoT Summit.

The Zephyr Project developer community consists of developers from member organizations and the general community who participate in the development of software within the Zephyr Project. Members contribute and discuss ideas, submit bugs and bug fixes, provide training, and help those who need it through the community's forums such as mailing lists, or IRC channels. Anyone can join the developer community, but only member organizations can currently provide members to the project's leadership, which includes the Chief Architect, a hierarchy of Maintainers, and member representatives on the Technical Steering Committee.

The Zephyr Project user community includes everyone working with the project to build interesting things. If this means you, welcome to the Zephyr community! If not, we would be glad to welcome you.

The links below show a few channels for you to participate with the Zephyr Project.