Non-invasive early warning system for water leaks

The Lisios WaterAlarm is a non-invasive early warning system for water leaks. The sensor device that can be easily attached to the mains water pipe from outside. No tools, no plumber necessary. Once the device is attached and connected to the local WiFi, it continuously measures water consumption. Via app, residents can see their daily, weekly and monthly water usage. In addition, recommendations help them to actively save water.

Via machine learning algorithms running directly on the device, it is able to detects pipe bursts or micro-leakages early on. Residents get warned via app and can react quickly. Hence, the WaterAlarm protects home owners from major damages caused by mains water.

We've implemented Zephyr RTOS in our project and are immediately impressed with the efficiency it has provided. Everything we need is easily accessible. Thanks to its high flexibility, we've been able to tailor the system perfectly to our needs. If you're familiar with Linux, you'll feel right at home here. Now, we can focus more on our machine-learning algorithms. I wholeheartedly recommend Zephyr RTOS.

Niklas VoigtCTO, Lisios