Intelligent fill level monitoring and waste container emptying

Adhoc smart waste is the solution for intelligent fill level monitoring and waste container emptying from adhoc networks. It is a complete system (hardware, software, service) instead of an isolated solution built and distributed by adhoc networks.

With adhoc smart waste, customer receive these benefits:

  • A clear picture: You can finally get a detailed and precise picture at all times, e.g. of container fill levels and collection processes.
  • Needs-oriented planning: The up-to-date overview of waste volumes enables waste collections to be arranged as needed, avoiding both unnecessary journeys and overfilled containers.
  • More service: Your customers and citizens also benefit from the collated information, e.g. about fill levels, through improved products and services.
  • Protects the environment and saves money: Processes can be reliably optimised thanks to real-time data: savings can be made on fuel and man hours plus containers can be efficiently used.
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