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Implementing a Shell over BLE in Zephyr // Zephyr Tech Talk #012

By February 7, 2024No Comments

Tune in on Wednesday, February 21 (9:00 AM EST / 3:00 PM CET) for a new Zephyr Tech Talk live stream where Benjamin will be joined by Luis Ubieda to discuss his journey into adding support for a BLE Shell in Zephyr.

Adding a shell to an Embedded device can be incredibly helpful for troubleshooting and debugging. The Zephyr shell already supports a variety of backends including UART, of course, but also Telnet or MQTT.
Luis has been working on adding support for BLE as an additional transport layer, and will tell us about his journey and why the BLE Shell might be your next best friend if you tend to (re-)write custom command-based protocols and CLI-like interfaces for your Bluetooth projects.

Zephyr Tech Talks are live streams organized by and for the Zephyr community. Join us live to get a chance to ask your questions directly to our guests, or simply catch up the recording anytime afterwards!

Benjamin Cabé