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LF Energy Spring Summit 2021

April 14, 2021

On April 14, join LF Energy for this Spring Summit showcasing collaborative development and shared innovation to accelerate the energy transition through open source and software-defined infrastructure.

At 7:30 – 8 am, James Gula, Open DC Grid Co-founder, JLG Consulting and Martin Jäger, Open Hardware Architect, Libre Solar Technologies GmbH, will give a presentation about “Open DC Grid – Microgrid Standard Based on Open Source for Energy Access Applications.” 

The Open DC Grid project is an initiative to define an architecture to permit devices to exchange power using LVDC and document it in a standard that can be freely accessed and used by anyone. The standard is backed up by open-source hardware and software reference designs based on the Zephyr RTOS that can be used for testing and compatibility validation. This architecture can be used by any device, but the initiative is particularly focused on rural microgrids in energy access markets, emphasizing low-cost. By conforming to the standard, system vendors can source components and appliances from multiple vendors reducing their engineering expense and reducing the costs that end users pay for electricity. This presentation gives an overview of the initiative, the standard, the open hardware development by Libre Solar and our experience using Zephyr for power electronics control. Add this to your schedule here.

At 4:30-5 pm, Kate Stewart, Vice President of Dependable Embedded Systems at The Linux Foundation, will give a presentation about “Zephyr’s Path to Safety Certification.”

Safety critical applications require a high level of software dependability, which introduces new factors to consider for open source project development teams. In embedded applications, there can also be a high cost for doing updates in the field, thus reinforcing the need to provide high quality and careful analysis up front, to minimize security problems over time. The Zephyr project was started 5 years ago, with the goal of being a safe and secure RTOS that could be used where Linux is not an option, such as sensors and actuators. As these systems communicate to the edge / cloud devices, they need to be secure, as well. This talk will provide an overview of the best practices and transparency that Zephyr has adopted in the project to get it ready to go through analysis, and 3rd party certification, so it can be deployed with confidence in critical infrastructure applications. Add this session to your schedule here.

To view all of the presentations, visit the LF Energy Spring Summit website here:

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April 14, 2021