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Nordic nrfx

nrfx is Nordic’s RTOS-agnostic hardware abstraction layer (HAL) that also includes fully portable drivers for all Nordic ICs. nrfx is used as the foundation to implement support for Nordic hardware in Zephyr.


The MCUXpresso SDK is a software package for NXP’s Kinetis and LPC microcontrollers and i.MX RT crossover processors that includes production-grade peripheral drivers, stacks, middleware, and more. Portions of MCUXpresso SDK are provided with Zephyr as the base enablement for NXP’s microcontroller products.  Full MCUXpresso SDK’s can be custom-built at the NXP MCUXpresso website.


Renode™ is an open source framework developed by Antmicro that lets you develop, debug and test IoT devices and systems reliably, scalably and effectively. It enables running unmodified software for embedded devices on a PC for development and testing of large wireless or wired networks without the need for physical hardware. The repeatability, control and scalability offered by Renode drastically improves the development experience especially for multi-node systems and protocols and enables a new Continuous Integration (CI) driven workflow. Renode has been successfully used to run multi-node setups with the Zephyr RTOS for development, debug and interoperability testing, and an effort is currently underway to use it to test Zephyr’s networking stack.

Synopsys DesignWare ARC

The ARC® MetaWare Development Toolkit builds upon a 25-year legacy of industry-leading compiler and debugger products. It is a complete solution that contains all the components needed to support the development, debugging and tuning of embedded applications for the ARC processors. The tool chain supports the complete family of ARC Processors, from the high-speed ARC HS Family, the deeply embedded ARC EM Family, and the ARC VPX DSP Family.
Due to the fact that ARC® MetaWare Development Toolkit supports all possible options and their combinations of highly customizable ARC processors, it allows for much more flexibility in terms of code generation for various highly specific hardware designs. That includes advanced DSP & vector extensions.
Synopsys also offers an ARC MetaWare Development Toolkit for Safety as a complete solution for developing, debugging, and optimizing embedded software targeted for ARC processors in safety applications. The toolkit includes the Automotive Safety Integrity Level D (ASIL-D) certified DesignWare ARC MetaWare Compiler and accompanying safety documentation, helping developers of safety critical system to fulfill the requirements of the ISO 26262 standard. Learn more
ARC® MetaWare Development Toolkit is fully integrated with Zephyr RTOS so that it’s possible to use it for building and debugging Zephyr applications on the integrated ARC nSIM simulator or on real hardware through JTAG interface. Learn more
Synopsys offers a series of ARC®-based development and evaluation systems for software development, code porting, software debugging and profiling. All existing development systems are well-supported in Zephyr RTOS (see full list and instructions here) and are simple starting points for software development or prototyping for ARC processors.