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Diving Into Zephyr’s New Hardware Model // Zephyr Tech Talk #014

By March 18, 2024No Comments

Tune in on Wednesday, April 3 (9:00 AM EDT / 3:00 PM CEST) for a new Zephyr Tech Talk live stream where Benjamin and his guests will introduce the new hardware model adopted by The Zephyr Project starting with the 3.7.0 release.

Over the recent years, the world of embedded systems has been evolving at a rapid pace, and the hardware model that Zephyr has been using until recently was no longer able to keep up with the new requirements. SoCs with multiple cores, multi-SoC boards, … are just a few examples of the new features that the old model was not able to handle properly. In this session, where we will be chatting with Carles Cufí, Torsten Rasmussen, and Anas Nashif, you will learn about the new hardware model, the rationale behind it, and, of course, how to migrate any existing board or SoC to the new model (spoiler alert, it’s a mostly seamless process!).

Zephyr Tech Talks are live streams organized by and for the Zephyr community. Join us live to get a chance to ask your questions directly to our guests, or simply catch up the recording anytime afterwards!

Benjamin Cabé