Embedded Linux Conference Europe OCTOBER 28, 2019 – OCTOBER 30, 2019

The Zephyr Project will be on-site at this year’s Embedded Linux Conference in Lyon, France on October 28-31. Join us at one of the 13 presentations given by Zephyr community leaders like BayLibre, Bluetooth SIG, Intel, the Linux Foundation, Nordic Semiconductor, PHYTEC Messtechnik GmbH, Synopsys and more!

Monday, October 28:

11:30 am – 12:05 pm – Bluetooth Mesh and Zephyr – Martin Woolley, Bluetooth SIG

This session will explain the fundamental technical concepts of Bluetooth mesh, including models, messages, publish/subscribe, node composition and security keys and will explore what’s involved in implementing firmware that uses Bluetooth mesh on the Zephyr RTOS platform. Add it to your schedule here.

12:20 – 12:55 pm – Multi-core Application Development with Zephyr RTOS – Alexey Brodkin, Synopsys

This presentation will examine multi-core application options and considerations using the Zephyr. We’ll start from exploration of use-cases where multiple CPU cores might be beneficial for deeply embedded system including both asymmetric & symmetric multiprocessing (AMP & SMP). Then we’ll discuss current state of multi-core support in Zephyr: what is already implemented and what’s still missing. And in the end we will highlight challenges associated with designing high performance software applications for multi-core hardware using samples on boards currently supported in upstream Zephyr project. Add it to your schedule here.

4:20 – 4:55 pm – Panel Discussion – Building Safe Systems with Open Source Software – Lukas Bulwahn, BMW AG; Kate Stewart, the Linux Foundation; Nicole Pappler, TUV SUD Product Service GmbH; Nicholas McGuire, OSADL; Paul Sherwood, CodeThink & Trustable

This panel will discuss the challenges on technology, software engineering, safety methods, organization and ecosystem when building safe systems with open-source software. Add it to your schedule here.

4:20 – 4:55 pm – Precision Timeouts in Zephyr: Past, Present and Future – Piotr Ziecik, Nordic Semiconductor

In this session, Piotr Zięcik will give insight into Zephyr timing infrastructure and cover recent activities aimed to improve real-time capabilities of this operating system, as well as compare the achieved performance with real-world requirements. Piotr Zięcik will also present plans for long-term evolution of Zephyr timing infrastructure. Add it to your schedule here.

6:00 – 6:35 pm – BoF: Multibuild for Zephyr RTOS – Marti Bolivar, Nordic Semiconductor

The Zephyr RTOS build system currently supports generating a single application image. This build is isolated from other related images, such as bootloaders, secure vs. nonsecure Arm TrustZone images, multi-core applications communicating via IPC mechanisms, etc. Different Zephyr downstream distributions have solved this problem in different ways, but there’s so far no consensus on how to solve this problem upstream. This BoF is meant to keep the conversation going among anyone who is interested in this topic. Add this to your schedule here.

Tuesday, October 29: 

2:25 – 3 pm – Zephyr OS Memory Protection – Andrew Boie, Intel 

In this presentation we describe the MPU-based memory protection features we have introduced in the Zephyr RTOS, showing novel techniques for working around the limitations of MPU hardware, implementing security domains in a physical memory map (no virtual memory), and maintaining API compatibility with platforms that do not have an MPU. We will show the permission management system to control access to kernel objects and device driver instances, and how both static and dynamically allocated kernel objects are managed. There will be some discussion on how global objects are routed to application memory domains and how we automatically manage size/alignment constraints of common MPU hardware. We will show how simple it is to define system calls. We have implemented futex-like capabilities to implement IPC mechanisms with no system calls required for uncontended locks. We will conclude with ongoing areas of development. Add it to your schedule here.

2:25 – 3 pm – Open Source and Functional Safety: Two Approaches to Bridge the Culture Clash – Kate Stewart, the Linux Foundation

This talk will summarize the current state of Zephyr and the project’s plans for going after Functional Safety certifications, while still handling any potential security issues. This will be contrasted with the ELISA project and how the team on ELISA is working towards new processes and tools to help Linux be confidently used in functional safety applications. Add it to your schedule here.

3:15 – 3:50 pm – A Dive into Zephyr Device Driver Model – Tomasz Bursztyka, Intel

Besides the kernel, the second most important part of an OS is how all peripherals are exposed to the user, finally enabling the OS to access the world outside of the CPU it is running on. Zephyr solves this by proposing a very simple yet flexible device driver model, deeply integrated with the device tree (DTS), making porting hardware to it efficient and easy. Through real use cases and from a developer perspective, this model will be explained as well as the life cycle of a device driver, whether it is native or ported from an existing HAL. Add it to your schedule here.

4:20 – 4:55 pm – Writing your own Gadget with Zephyr OS – Andrei Emeltchenko, Intel

In this talk, the author describes possible ways of connecting IOT devices using embedded boards running Zephyr OS, connected to host PC via USB. In particular, the following sample cases are explained: Export custom radios from Zephyr to Linux host (IEEE 802.15.4 and Bluetooth) so that Zephyr board behaves as a radio adapter for Linux. Author outlines the possibility of making IP bridge out the Zephyr-based SOC board. The device in this scenario behaves like USB Ethernet controller using ECM or RNDIS protocols. Part of the presentation is dedicated to OS drivers for the Zephyr-based boards. Add it to your schedule here.

5:10 – 5:45 pm – Device Tree: Past, Present and Future – Neil Armstrong, BayLibre

Neil will present you the history of Device Tree from its origins, how it has been used for ARM and now RISC-V from the PowerPC codebase, all the very different current usage and an overview of its future application and evolutions. Add it to your schedule here.

5:10 – 5:45 pm – Building a Debug Probe with the Zephyr RTOS – Johann Fischer, PHYTEC Messtechnik GmbH

​The talk is about whether it would be possible (and how) to build a debug probe on top of the Zephyr RTOS. Zephyr already has a reasonably stable USB device stack with CDC-ACM and MSD support. The author will give a overview about the structure of debug probe software like DAPLInk, and the USB device stack in Zephyr. Furthermore, the author will introduce the implementation of the components and their interaction in Zephyr. Add it to your schedule here.

Wednesday, October 30: 

11:30 am – 12:05 pm – The Journey of Leading Open Source Engineering Team in China – Jocelyn Li, Intel

In this talk, Jocelyn will talk about the various challenges and share how she led the open source engineering team by changing her mindset, embracing the open source development model and role-modeling the way.
– Reluctant to discuss via mailing list
– Embracing community
– Submitting patches with good quality change log and code
– Discussion and debating
– Upstream vs Product

Add it to your schedule here.

2:25 – 3 pm – Running Linux on Constrained IoT Device – Rui Silva, Linaro and Tushar Khandelwal, Arm

This presentation will talk about the work we have been doing to do memory optimizations in Linux kernel and file systems and uses it to build an IoT device frameworks that run on a small platform with limited ram and XIP flash. Add it to your schedule here.

If you want more Zephyr, stay an extra day and attend the Zephyr Mini-Summit on Thursday, October 31. This half-day, single-track event designed to introduce you Zephyr and offer a hands-on experience with boards donated by Zephyr Project member Nordic Semiconductor. Please add the Zephyr Mini-Summit to your current Open Source Summit Registration.

Embedded Systems Beijing Forum (ESBF)

AUGUST 24, 2019

The Development of Embedded System Technology and China’s Embedded System Industry (The 25th ESBF Forum)

An embedded system is at the core of the information technology and electronic industries; it is also an integral part of an intelligent system. As the IoT and AI technologies develop, embedded operating systems (OSes) are playing an increasingly important role in intelligent systems. With a long history, several categories, and a wide spectrum of usages, embedded OS is an umbrella term that covers many different types of software systems: RTOS, open-source Linux, robotic OSes, router OSes, IoT OSes, and edge computing platforms.

On August 24 at the Beihang University Hangzhou Innovation Park Bldg. 8, ESBF invited 15 experts and scholars who excel in the research, education, development, and maintenance of embedded OSes to cover topics about the newest technologies, opportunities, and business models; it will also center around critical issues like standardization of embedded OSes, the construction of the ecosystem, and international partnerships.

Zephyr Project member Dr. Wei (Wayne) Ren, R&D Manager, Synopsys ARC Processor Software, will provide an overview of Zephyr at 11-11:30 am.  

This event is a free event. To learn more, visit http://www.esbf.info/homepage.html.

Open Source Summit North America AUGUST 21, 2019 – AUGUST 23, 2019

Join the Zephyr Project at Open Source Summit North America on August 21-23 in San Diego. We’re hosting a mini-summit on August 20 (details here) and several of our members are giving presentations.

Wednesday, August 21:

3:15-3:50 pm – Oticon Engineers Mark Ruvald and Klaus Peterson will present “Zephyr on a Hearing Aid,” that features  the molding of Zephyr into a project that also supports the most exotic development environments, like those found in the making of an FDA approved medical device like a hearing aid, life-changing device that uses almost no power, almost no space and will be produced in millions, sold to millions of users. Add it to your schedule: https://sched.co/PUOQ

4:20-4:50 pm – Frederic Desbiens, Program Manager, IoT and Edge Computing for the Eclipse Foundation, will discuss “To Boldly Go Where Linux cannot with Zephyr and Eclipse IoT.” In this presentation, you will learn how to do both using the Eclipse Paho MQTT client and the Eclipse Waakama OMA Lightweight M2M (LWM2M) library. You will also discover other components of the Eclipse IoT system that could be useful to you, and learn the basics of Zephyr. Add it to your schedule: https://sched.co/PUW7

Thursday, August 22: 

4:05-4:40 pm – Kate Stewart, Senior Director of Strategic Programs at the Linux Foundation, will share a “Zephyr Project Update for the Community, LTS and Plans for the Future.” Over the last 3 years, the Zephyr Project has evolved into one of the fastest growing and fastest moving open source RTOS’ in the embedded and IoT ecosystem. This presentation gives attendees a deep dive into who is building Zephyr OS and what motivates their involvement, highlight  new initiatives and explain what they mean to developers and how the project is pursuing functional safety certifications and expanding developer resources. Add it to your schedule: https://sched.co/PUSC

Friday, August 23:

12:20 – 12:55 pm – Foundries.io’s Ricardo Salveti, Principal Engineer and Michael Scott, Embedded Software Engineer, are presenting a session titled, “AT-based Modem Support in the Zephyr Project – Present and Future.” This presentation will discuss which hardware is currently supported, and how these drivers were implemented using the offloaded networking stack.  Michael will end with open discussion around the challenges of future modem APIs for a basic 3GPP interface, eDRX / power saving modes and modem configuration settings storage. Add it to your schedule: https://sched.co/PUk8

To register for the event, please visit the OSS NA website.

Zephyr Mini-Summit @ Open Source Summit North America – AUGUST 20, 2019

If you’re attending, Open Source Summit North America on August 21-23 in San Diego, we invite you to join the Zephyr Project for a mini-summit on Tuesday, August 20 at 2-5:30 pm!

This half-day, single-track event is designed to introduce you to the leading Open Source RTOS built with safety and security in mind. Attendees will learn why Zephyr is gaining the attention of developers, with its support for BLE, OpenThread, LTE-M/NB-IoT cellular communications, and more. Learn about the latest security enhancements with Zephyr OS LTS, as well as the progress toward Functional Safety Certification.

In the second half of the session, attendees will receive hands-on experience with boards which have been donated by Zephyr Platinum Member NXP. Please see below for the agenda. Registration is required, so RSVP today!

2:00 – 3:45pm: Zephyr Project Overview
3:45 – 4:00pm: Break
4:00 – 5:30pm: Zephyr Hands On Demo *
* The hands on demo is targeted to developers who are new to Zephyr. Attendees will be expected to use their own machines.

Open Source Summit Japan JULY 17, 2019 – JULY 19, 2019

If you’re attending Open Source Summit Japan on July 17-19 in Tokyo, we invite you to attend the Zephyr Project sessions:

On Wednesday, July 17 at 2:20-3 pmAnas Nashif, Zephyr Project community member and Software Architect at Intel, will present a session titled,”Developing Open Source Software RTOS with Functional Safety in Mind.” This talk will show how the Zephyr project is moving to a new development model and methodology that uses existing and public tools to address many of the requirements and foundations that would help with using Zephyr in applications with functional safety requirements. Add this session to your schedule here.

On Thursday, July 18 at 4-4:40 pm, Fulup Ar Foll, CEO IoT.bzh, will present a talk titled “AGL-uBinder: A Fast, Secure and Seamless Option to Connect AGL to Small ECU.” This session will present the lesson learn from a POC to run a subset of current AGL binder onto a micro-controller with Zephyr OS. Attendees will learn how to solve binder/binding dependencies, how to map the transport onto a non TCP/IP link, how to extended AGL security model and more. Add this to your schedule here.

For more information about the event, visit here.

Open Source Summit China JUNE 25, 2019 – JUNE 26, 2019

The Zephyr Project will be on-site at Open Source Summit on June 25-26, which is co-located with KubeCon + CloudNativeCon. Previously known as LinuxCon + CloudOpen + ContainerCon China (LC3), Open Source Summit gathers technologists and open source industry leaders to collaborate, share information and learn about the newest and most interesting open source technologies, including Linux, IoT, blockchain, AI, networking, and more.

Zephyr will be represented in the following sessions:

  • Tuesday, June 25 at 3:50-4:25 pm – Kai Ren, a Developer Relations Manager with Bluetooth SIG, will share how Bluetooth Mesh works with Zephyr. This session will present and explain the fundamental technical concepts of Bluetooth mesh, for example, provisioning, model, security keys, publish/subscribe, address and will introduce the key points of Bluetooth mesh implementation on Zephyr project. Click here to add it to your schedule.
  • Tuesday, June 25 at 3:50 – 4:25 pm – Thea Aldrich, Developer Advocate for the Zephyr Project, will present a session that showcases Zephyr titled: Unlocking IoT Innovation with an Open Source IoT. This presentation will offer a look into the community (who is building Zephyr OS and what motivates their involvement), current initiatives (LTS release, new features and expanded functionality) and a preview of the technical roadmap (pursuing functional safety certifications and expanding our developer resources). Click here to add it to your schedule.
  • Wednesday, June 26 at 9-9:30 am – Hake Huang, a Senior Software Engineer for NXP, will give a talk about “Continuous Integration Practices for Zephyr Upstream,” which showcases how the NXP Zephyr Devops system works for NXP upstream augment testing. The proposed system contains several subsystems based on several popular open source projects, including building an internal cloudy build system with zephyr Docker file, and linking this Docker image with Jenkins Docker, a scheduler system for multiply board testing as well as virtualization validation system and some glue scripts.  Click here to add it to your schedule.
  • Wednesday, June 26 at 12:05 -12:40 pm – Kate Stewart, Senior Director of Strategic Programs at the Linux Foundation, will lead a session about “Developing Open Source for Safety and Security.” This talk will summarize the current state of Zephyr and the project’s plans for going after Functional Safety certifications in 2019 while still handling any potential security issues. This will be contrasted with the ELISA project and how the team on ELISA is working towards new processes and tools to help Linux become certified for use in functional safety applications. Click here to add it to your schedule.
  • Wednesday, June 26 at 4:45-5:20 pm – Wayne Ren, a Senior Software Engineer at Synopsys, will share “The Secure Design in Zephyr and its Implementation in Synopsys ARC Processor.” This talk will present the latest progress of Zephyr, the secure design of it, including memory protection and Trust Execution Environment. We will also discuss how the Zephyr is supported in Synopsys ARC processors. Click here to add this to your schedule.

To learn more or to register for Open Source Summit, click here.

NXP Connects — JUNE 12, 2019 – JUNE 13, 2019

Zephyr Project member NXP is gearing up for NXP Connect on June 12-13 in Santa Clara. On Wednesday, June 12 at 10:45 am-12:35 pmThea Aldrich, Zephyr Project Developer Advocate, and Maureen Helm, an MCU Software Architect for NXP, will lead a hands-on workshop titled,” Build Your First Zephyr Application on i.MX RT.” Reserved seating is required, so register now!

To learn more about the event, visit the website.

Internet of Things World 2019 — MAY 13, 2019 – MAY 16, 2019

Internet of Things WorldMay 13-16 in Santa Clara, is the world’s largest IoT event that brings together the top technologies, strategies and case studies for every industry IoT impacts.

Kate Stewart, Senior Director of Strategic Programs for The Linux Foundation, will represent the Zephyr Project in two panel sessions including:

Which Operating System/RTOS makes sense for your Constrained Device? (Monday, May 13 at 3:30-4:30 pm)

As part of the Eclipse IoT Day, Kate will provide insight on how to select from the wide assortment of  RTOS options. She’ll survey the current open source options for an operating system to use (like Linux, FreeRTOS, Zephyr, mbedOS, RIOT, NuttX, etc.) in your IoT Constrained Device Stack. Factors to consider in selection include chip/hardware support, licensing, footprint, community health, open source best practices, security support as well as safety certifications available, all play roles.

From Ideation to Commercialization: Bringing an IoT Product to Life (Wednesday, May 15 at 1:40 – 2:20 pm)

  • Learn the latest practices and insights that can help you quickly, securely and economically move an IoT device or application from idea to pilot to production
  • Understand how to level the playing field with smart choices in architecture, platforms. and interoperable networks
  • Recognize and leverage the importance of ecosystems and communities
  • Kate will present with speakers from Grid Connect, Coolfire Solutions, Connectivity Designs and MongoDB

Panel Discussion: Best practices and frameworks panel: Building end-to-end IoT security (Wednesday, May 15 at 4:15-5 pm)

  • Understanding and stepping up to the creator’s crucial role in engineering IoT security, from node to network
  • Practical, proven steps, essential best practices and development frameworks to secure and protect devices, data, communications, and applications
  • Leveraging latest technologies, including automation, end-to-end encryption, tokens, SDN and AI, blockchain, digital twins, Risc-V and more
  • Kate will present with speakers from PRPL, Dogtown Media and an IoT-Blockchain author

For more information, go to the IoT World website.

Zephyr RTOS IoT Hackathon at FOSS North – APRIL 7, 2019

Endian Technologies AB will be hosting a Zephyr hackathon during the FOSS North 2019 Community Day on April 7!

The hackathon will kick off with an introductory presentation, bringing everyone up to speed on the Zephyr RTOS, the development process and the build system. After this, attendees will be free to begin developing on their own boards and tools or ones donated by Zephyr Project member Nordic Semiconductor based on the nRF52840 chipset.

All attendees need is a basic understanding of writing and compiling C programs, a laptop and a passion for development!  Pizza, soft drinks and coffee will be provided throughout the day.

Address: Endian Technologies AB, Flöjelbergsgatan 11, Mölndal.
Public transport: Bus 758 stops at Sörgärdesgatan. Suggestion: Take the 758 at 8.25 from Heden or 8.29 from Korsvägen.

Register for the event: https://sv-se.invajo.com/event/endiantechnologiesab/zephyrrtosiothackaton

For questions, ideas or suggestions, please contact benjamin.lindqvist@endian.se

Linaro Connect — APRIL 1, 2019 – APRIL 5, 2019

Zephyr Project will be on-site at Linaro Connect, from April 1-5 in Bangkok.

Additionally, Paul Sokolovsky, an IoT Engineer from Linaro, will give a presentation titled, “Networking in Zephyr LTS and Beyond.”  On Monday, April 1 at 3:30-3:55 pm, Paul will provide a preview into LTS release for Zephyr RTOS. He’ll share details about all of the effort the technical community made to extend networking support for it and making it stable. This session discusses both things which fit and didn’t fit into the LTS release. To add the Zephyr LTS session to your schedule, click here.