There is no other RTOS that delivers auditable code and a full-stack solution for connected, products across a wide range of architectures, from the memory constrained to the feature rich, all through open source governance, collaboration of its diverse membership, and the valued efforts of the hundreds of active contributors.


  • Developed with security in mind.
  • Employs an in-depth security development lifecycle: security validation, fuzz and penetration testing, frequent code reviews, static code analysis, threat modeling and reviews to prevent backdoors in the code.
  • The project’s governance includes the formation of a security working group and a delegated security maintainer.
  • The governance and its members have a responsibility to ensure that all aspects of the code are developed securely.
  • Long term support
  • Level 1 certification in the Platform Security Architecture (PSA) certification scheme.
  • Functional safety coming soon


Open Source

  • Available through the Apache 2.0 open source license.
  • Free to use in commercial and non-commercial solutions.
  • Hosted as a collaborative project with the Linux Foundation, the project is neutrally governed and employs a lightweight governance and development model.
  • From professional makers to large industrial and commercial vendors, the Zephyr Project strives to deliver a universally adoptable solution for the Internet of Things.



  • Full-featured and power optimal: fully preemptible tickless kernel
  • Advanced memory management: Userspace support
  • Multi-processor support: SMP and AMP 
  • Build for your architecture: Both 32 and 64-bit supported


Modular and Scalable

  • the Zephyr Project provides developers with feature-rich software optimized for memory constrained devices
  • Runs on systems as small as 8 kB of memory but scales up to systems with megabytes or even gigabytes of memory” (we now have 64-bit support)
  • Developers can use their tool suite of choice by supporting custom toolchains and compiler optimizations
  • Manage multi-repo configurations with West where it is possible to have cross-repo version control and build inclusion of entire independent project repos, including your own


Powerful Configuration Tools

  • Kconfig and Device Tree are part of the Zephyr platform
  • RTOS can be built as-is, with default configuration, or as a tailored solution by enabling/disabling features using Kconfig
  • Build applications to target different boards, and even architectures via Device Tree.



  • Optimized for low-powered, small memory footprint devices
  • Supports Bluetooth®, Bluetooth® Low Energy, Wi-Fi*, 802.15.4
  • Supports standards like 6LoWPAN, CoAP, IPv4, IPv6, and NFC