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Why Become a Member?

  • Contribute to the project and help shape the Zephyr roadmap
  • Demonstrate leadership in the industry and your application area
  • Take advantage of a fast track to Technical Steering Committee participation
  • Help shape the Zephyr Certification Program
  • Leverage community marketing and networking opportunities
  • Share best practices
  • Learn from and engage with the Zephyr community

Join Today

The table below outlines benefits and investments associated with each level of membership. The membership form and charter can be previewed here. If you have questions about membership, please Contact Us!

If you’re new to the Zephyr Project and need more information, check out the Project Overview.

Zephyr Project Membership LevelsPlatinumSilverAssociate*Community**
Zephyr Code Access & Development ParticipationYesYesYesYes
Zephyr Technical Steering CommitteeYesYesPer contribution levelPer contribution level
Governing Board ParticipationYes1 representative for every 10 Silver membersNoNo
Governing Board VotingYes1 vote for every 10 Silver membersNoNo
Marketing Committee ParticipationYesYesYesNo
Safety Committee ParticipationYesBy InvitationBy InvitationBy Invitation
Security Committee ParticipationYesBy InvitationBy InvitationBy Invitation
Access to Certification Audit ArtifactsYesNoNoNo

LevelNot Yet LF MemberAlready LF Member
Platinum$120,000 (USD)$100,000 (USD)
Silver$40,000 (USD) 5,000+ total employees
$35,000 (USD) 3,000 – 4,999
$30,000 (USD) 1,000 – 2,999
$25,000 (USD) 500 – 999
$17,500 (USD) 100 – 499
$12,500 (USD) 50 – 99
$10,000 (USD) Up to 49
$20,000 (USD) 3,000+ total employees
$15,000 (USD) 1,000 – 2,999
$10,000 (USD) 500 – 999
$7,500 (USD) 50 – 499
$5,000 (USD) Up To 49

* The Associate Member category of membership is limited to non-profits, open source projects, and government entities, and requires approval by the Governing Board.

** Community represents any non-member participating in the project.

Note: Membership is not required to participate in the Zephyr Project. Individual developers can find information on how to contribute here

For Zephyr membership questions, please email

Member Benefits

Becoming a member in the Zephyr Project makes sense for organizations that are developing, deploying, and maintaining products and services that rely on an RTOS optimized for resource-constrained applications where safety and security are critical.