WiFi and Secure Socket Offload in Zephyr – Gil Pitney, Texas Instruments

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WiFi support for the Zephyr OS exists in the form of an offload tap from the native Zephyr IP stack, and a WiFi driver interface supporting connection management functions. TLS support for secure socket communication is being added to the Zephyr BSD socket interface, backed by a port of mbedTLS. This talk will review the Zephyr WiFi offload architecture, and discuss an implementation of a WiFi offload driver for the TI CC3220SF SoC, where all the secure communication, secret storage, and encryption is handled by the offload chip


About Gilbert Pitney

Gil Pitney, working for Texas Instruments as an assignee into the Linaro LITE team, is focused on improving WiFi and BSD socket based applications/protocols for Zephyr both on TI SoCs and generally. Gil has previously spoken at Linaro Connect conferences on topics ranging from GPGPU on ARM, Neural Network Acceleration, and Zephyr WiFi offloading.