Architecture/Project Overview Presentations

Get an overview of the latest on the Zephyr kernel architecture and all the subsystems that are being developed for the Zephyr Project, from recent presentations our technical team has given at various events.

1. Office presentation iconZephyr Architecture Overview by Anas Nashif - ELC 2016

2. PDF iconZephyr Project Overview by Maureen Helm - ARM TechCon


Security Presentations

Take a deeper look at the security considerations the Zephyr Project is working on addressing:

3. Office presentation iconZephyr Security Overview by Constanza Heath - ELC 2016

4. Zephyr Project & IoT Security by Geoff Thorpe - Linaro Connect Las Vegas


Comms related Presentations

Explore the Communication strategy we have in place for the Zephyr Project:

5.  FileZephyr Communication Overview by Johan Heldsberg - Embedded World 2016