Try out the Zephyr code yourself!

Try your hands at running the Zephyr code by following one of these demos in your own home!

Each demo will give you a brief description, what it is meant to do, and provide you with the code download and step-by-step instructions on getting the demo up and running.


Zephyr RTOS application running on ACRN Hypervisor on an Intel NUC

Zephyr OS is being used in an increasing number of embedded use cases such as automotive and industrial IoT where product developers benefit from the reduced cost and increase in…


Hexiwear is a wearable development platform that contains two Kinetis SoCs, a variety of sensors, and a color OLED display. Read more in the Zephyr documentation.

Heart Rate Monitor on Arduino 101

The project demonstrates how Zephyr can be used in fitness devices and provides a tutorial on how to re-create the project yourself! Click here to read the tutorial.