Zephyr in Market


By February 20, 2017 November 2nd, 2017 No Comments

Grush* are the creators of an advanced Bluetooth motion sensing toothbrush, coupled with interactive and instructive mobile games. Grush guides kids’ brushing and lets parents track the results.

Grush uses a technologically advanced motion sensing toothbrush that doubles as a gaming wand controller. The toothbrush wirelessly transmits data using bluetooth to Grush Games – an interactive mobile game that guides children through the brushing process. Grush also employs a cloud service, which stores brushing information available for parents to monitor their children’s brushing activity through the parental dashboard app, allowing them to reward them accordingly on their performance.

Why the Zephyr OS was chosen?

The Zephyr project made it easy for Grush to build its advanced Grush Games algorithms for the connected-toothbrush gaming experience. Grush needs an OS that can deterministically gather sensor data, process complex algorithms, communicate with dual processors, and communicate with a smartphone while ensuring the application can use as much memory as possible.

Zephyr OS was the perfect solution. The Zephyr OS was “small enough out of the box” and didn’t require additional engineering. Being an open source, small and scalable RTOS, Zephyr’s tiny footprint allowed Grush developers to maximize the effectiveness of the Grush Games algorithms. The Zephyr OS’s multi-threading capabilities enable Grush to collect sensor data, run algorithms and communicate with a smartphone reliably at the same time for a seamless toothbrushing experience.