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Dublin Maker Badge PCB design

By April 22, 2022No Comments

Well, Dublin Maker is coming up on the 23rd of July this year. The unofficial electronic badge design is coming along well. I think (hope!) that the PCB design is fine and it will be sent off for manufacture soon. You can see the 3D viewer output from KiCad below. U3 is the pin header for the display, U2 is a pin header for the boost converter. U1 is an NRF52833 module. SW7 is shown as a pin header but is in fact an on/off switch with the same pin pitch. A “Simple Add-On” connector (SAO1) is also provided. This nearly conforms to the BadgeLife SAO 1.69 standard. It provides power, I2C and a single GPIO (rather than 2). I ran out of GPIO port bits in the design as I will not be using the pads underneath the NRF52833 module (can’t hand solder them). The IDC socket for the SAO interface will not be populated in the final badge but will instead be left to anyone who cares to solder one on.

All components for the build have now arrived except for the battery cases. These can hold a single AA battery and are mounted on the back of the badge. One last check and it will be off to PCBWay with the design!

Benjamin Cabé