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Planet Zephyr

Dublin Maker 2022 happened!

By July 24, 2022No Comments

Dublin Maker 2022 took place on the 23rd of July in Merrion Square in Dublin. Despite some initial rain it turned out to be a great day out (as usual). Lots of photos of the event can be seen here:

Thanks to all the committee for organizing this great event.

The DMB 2022 badge runs Zephyr!

I finally finished (sort of) the code for the badge. It contains a number of games including:



Brici (like breakout)


An adventure game called Microrealms


A version of the Battleship game for two players (we did this on paper when were in school)

And a communications “applet”

This uses BLE Mesh which is made possible by Zepher OS (version 2.6.0). When the badge is idle it shows the Dublin Maker logo which includes a city skyline containing “The spire”. This pretends to be a radio antenna as shown below 🙂

Code for all of this is over on github here

This will not be the end of the road for this badge. I plan to add additional software and upgrade to a more recent version of Zephyr although I will have to learn more about the PINCTRL mechanism first.

Benjamin Cabé