Zephyr project is provided as source code and build scripts for different target architectures and configurations, and not as a binary image. (See Supported Boards documentation for details.)  Updated versions of the Zephyr project are released approximately every three-months. (See Release Roadmap for details.)

This downloads page is where you’ll find the latest tagged source code release along with its corresponding release notes found in the Zephyr Project GitHub repo.

  • All Zephyr project source code is maintained in a Git repository; you can either download source as a tar.gz file (see the bottom of the GitHub release notes pages listed below), or use Git clone and checkout commands, such as:

    git clone
    cd zephyr
    git checkout tags/v1.9.0
  • The tools used to build an image are available as a Software Development Kit (SDK) in the Zephyr SDK Tools section below.

  • The project’s technical documentation is also tagged to correspond with a specific release and can be found at


Zephyr Kernel

Zephyr SDK Tools