Developing Open-Source Software RTOS with Functional Safety in Mind – Anas Nashif, Intel

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Open-source software development and how open-source projects are run is often seen as incompatible with functional safety requirements and established processes and standards. Open-source has however been used and is used on a regular basis in applications with safety requirements however in most cases the open-source software is forked and developed behind closed doors to comply with safety standards and processes and using existing infrastructure and tools not common or not available in public and in open-source.

This talk will show how the Zephyr project is moving to a new development process and methodology that uses existing and public tools to address many of the requirements and foundations that would help with using Zephyr in applications depending on functional safety.

About Anas Nashif

Anas Nashif works at Intel’s Open Source Technology Center. Anas is the acting Technical Steering Committee (TSC) chair of the Zephyr Project.