Zephyr RTOS application running on ACRN Hypervisor on an Intel NUC

Zephyr OS is being used in an increasing number of embedded use cases such as automotive and industrial IoT where product developers benefit from the reduced cost and increase in functionality provided by running multiple operating systems on a system on a chip (SOC). This functionality allows a single piece of hardware to manage tasks of varying levels of criticality and gives product makers the full benefit of miniaturization and portability provided by multi-core SOCs.

In this demo, Geoffroy Van Cutsem, the IoT TME Manager at the Intel Open Source Technology Center, demonstrates how their team used the combined capabilities of Zephyr OS and the ACRN hypervisor to run both Clear Linux and Zephyr OS on a NUC7i7DNHE. This demo shows a Clear Linux-based service operating system starting a privileged virtual machine running Zephyr OS and a standard virtual machine running another instance of Clear Linux. Device sharing capabilities between the service operating system and the virtual machine running Clear Linux are shown, as is a benchmark showing the real-time data collected via Zephyr OS.