The links below show a few channels for you to participate with the Zephyr Project.


Insider Advice on Getting Your Pull Request Accepted to the Zephyr Project

There are a lot of benefits to being a Zephyr Project contributor. You’ll have the opportunity to improve your existing skill sets, find mentors, teach others, work with like-minded individuals, create public artifacts, build a reputation, and even learn some people skills in the mix.

Building a qualified BLE Controller with Zephyr™ OS 1.9++

The Zephyr™ RTOS has included support for Bluetooth™ Low Energy (BLE) connectivity since its inception. Zephyr OS 1.9 now includes a qualification-ready controller subsystem implementation to allow MCUs with a BLE radio to be connected to a processor running a BLE Host stack. Taking a closer look at the different layers that make up a full BLE protocol stack helps explain this capability.

Zephyr OS 1.9 Release

The frequent followers of Zephyr™ Project have probably picked it up already and are enjoying the new features of the latest Zephyr OS release. But in case you missed it: the Zephyr Project team has completed and released the Zephyr RTOS version 1.9, a next step towards our goal of best-in-breed, multi-architecture, small, scalable, secure RTOS optimized for the Internet of Things!

Announcing Bluetooth™ Mesh support in Zephyr™ Project

The Bluetooth Mesh specification was announced to the public in July 2017, and now, thanks to the contributions from Intel Corporation, the Zephyr project has an implementation of it. The code is available in the upstream master branch, and will be part of the Zephyr OS 1.9 release, due early September 2017.

Vancouver Hack Space joins Zephyr Project

Introducing: Vancouver Hack Space 

We are a Hack Space Society we believe in the use and reuse of electronics in creative ways.

We are tinkers. We believe in empowering people.