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CommSolid – connecting.amazing.things

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CommSolid is the cellular IP (Intellectual Property) company providing leading edge ultra-low power solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT).

CommSolid’s CSN130 baseband IP solution is designed for the 3GPP NarrowBand-IoT standard (Cat-NB1, NB-IoT) and consists of hardware (RTL) and software stack. Embedded into customer System-on-Chips (SoCs), it allows sensors and actuators to be directly connected to the Internet enabling smart applications for logistics, health, smart city and monitoring. The ultra-low power consumption makes the CSN130 IP suitable for long lasting battery-operated devices. CSN130 is based on a flexible architecture combined with a proven technology and is available for licensing and System-on-Chip integration now.

Why the Zephyr OS was chosen?

CommSolid’s CSN130 NB-IoT baseband IP solution uses the proven Tensilica® Fusion F1 core technology by Cadence® enabling to fit the complete modem including cellular protocol stack and physical layer into a single core. This required a high performance yet low power Real Time Operating System (RTOS).

CommSolid evaluated various Real Time Operating Systems. Main criteria were performance and stability to enable reliable NB-IoT communication. Additionally, simple mechanisms for the execution of middleware tasks and customer applications were needed. All these aspects are addressed by Zephyr Project.

The Zephyr kernel scheduler enables high precision synchronization to a cellular network. For IoT devices, power efficiency is crucial and the Zephyr OS comes prepared to support this demand, resulting in ultra-low power consumption and long battery life. Driver API and subsystems add scalability to the solution. It enables implementations from slim modem functionality at very small footprint up to cloud connected devices with applications running on top.

CommSolid’s CSN130 NB-IoT baseband IP solution using the Zephyr RTOS has already been demonstrated on CommSolid’s NB-IoT reference platform with real time voice recognition for voice activated data transfer running on top of NB-IoT on a single CPU core.