Bluetooth Mesh and Zephyr – Martin Woolley, Bluetooth SIG

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Bluetooth mesh was released in 2017 and allows secure networks of thousands of Bluetooth devices to be created. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) for radio communications and inherits its optimized, low power and other characteristics. The Zephyr open source OS supports Bluetooth mesh on devices as affordable as the BBC micro:bit. This session will explain the fundamental technical concepts of Bluetooth mesh, including models, messages, publish/subscribe, node composition and security keys and will explore what’s involved in implementing firmware that uses Bluetooth mesh on the Zephyr RTOS platform. There will be code. There may even by live demos.


About Martin Woolley

I’m Martin Woolley and I work for the Bluetooth SIG, the technical standards body behind Bluetooth technology. I’m incredibly old and have over 30 years experience in the industry. I have and do develop software for all sorts of shapes and size of device although they do seem to be getting smaller, on the whole. These days, I specialize in Bluetooth technologies and their application, with particular emphasis on software development. I speak at lots of events, all over Europe and sometimes further afield such as the USA and India. In recent months I’ve become quite a fan of Zephyr and have been enjoying learning how to develop Bluetooth mesh software. I’d like to share some of my knowledge at this event.