Bluetooth Low Energy Controller in Zephyr OS – Vinayak Kariappa Chettimada

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Bluetooth is 20 years young in short range wireless technology, operating in the ISM band with over 30000 member companies worldwide. Support for Bluetooth in Zephyr OS is present since its initial releases, and a fully open source controller sub-system contributed and released in Zephyr OS v1.6 release in December 2016. The presentation gives an introduction to Bluetooth Low Energy Controller implementation in the Zephyr OS, covering the aspects of scheduling a radio event, different types of radio events comprising the PHYs, states and roles in Bluetooth Low Energy Controller, and data flow within the controller sub-system.The presentation covers the topics of designing a multi-vendor capable sub-system, a new controller architecture, its implementation, real-time scheduling, maximizing radio utilization, higher overall throughput and an ultra low power race-to-idle execution of code.


About Vinayak Chettimada

Employed with Nordic Semiconductor ASA, with expertise in short range Wireless Technologies, especially proficient in Bluetooth Low Energy Technologies, with over 17 years of Industry experience in Embedded Systems Design. Currently maintaining the Open Source Bluetooth Low Energy Controller implementations in The Zephyr Project, A Small, Scalable Open Source RTOS for IoT Embedded Devices.