Backporting is so 1993 – Ricardo Salveti & Michael Scott,

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We have seen no slow-down of critical vulnerabilities in computing systems, luckily successful open source projects can protect us, right? Oh but wait, what if you rely on long-term-support (LTS) software that hasn’t been updated yet, or your engineers created a customized franken-kernel to support a specific product? How can you wait for LTS to be updated or hire key experts to cleanly backport critical fixes? And how do we get this to our hundreds, thousands or millions of deployed products quickly? Instead of continuing the trend of forking and backporting, it’s time to work with the community on the latest software where the developers are addressing bugs, security issues and improving performance of their projects. Ricardo and Mike will show you how you can build better embedded products with the help of some amazing new open source technologies and some good design practices.


About Ricardo Salveti

Ricardo Salveti has over 12 years of experience developing Linux Embedded products, working for companies such as IBM, Nokia (INdT), Canonical, Linaro and now as Principal Engineer at Has a large experience working with kernel, bootloader, Android BSP/HAL, Debian/Ubuntu and OpenEmbedded/Yocto, with direct contributions to several upstream projects and speaking at several conferences such as Embedded Linux Conference, Linaro Connect and others.


About Michael Scott

Currently employed by, Michael Scott has over 20 years of experience in software development. 8 years ago, his focus shifted to embedded software development specializing in kernel, bootloader, Android BSP and HAL layers as well as embedded firmware using several different RTOS. Currently, Michael is the maintainer for the LwM2M library in Zephyr RTOS and is actively developing secure end-to-end IoT solutions. In the past, he’s presented sessions about Zephyr, LwM2M and IoT-based FOTA solutions at several Linaro Connects and OpenIoT Summit 2017.