Release Roadmap & Feature Overview

Planned Features Roadmap

Updated versions of the Zephyr project are released approximately every three-months. Here are planning summaries for future releases, along with summaries of past releases.  See the Program Management wiki page for information about release planning and intermediate milestone dates.

While our expectations are for features to be completed in the release indicated, some features may be added to a release, moved to a different release, modified, or dropped altogether as further investigations and priorities are understood.

As we can identify them, we'll mark features with (←) if they may be pulled in to an earlier release, and with (→) if they're more likely to be pushed out to a later release.

1.9 Release (planned: end of August 2017)

  • POSIX API Layer
  • BSD Socket Support
  • Expand Device Tree support to more architectures
  • BLE Mesh
  • Full Bluetooth 5.0 Support
  • Lightweight Machine-to-machine (LWM2M) protocol support (→)
  • Thread Protocol (initial code drop) (→)
  • Expand LLVM (compiler and low-level tool technologies) support to more architectures
  • Memory Management/Protection (MMU/MPU) (Cont.): Thread Isolation, Paging  (→)
  • Revamp Testsuite, Increase Coverage
  • Build and Configuration System (CMake) (→)
  • Zephyr SDK based on crosstool-ng (SDK NG)
  • Ecosystem: Tracing, debugging support through 3rd party tools

1.10 Release (planned: end of November 2017)

  • Symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) Support
  • Asymmetric multiprocessing (AMP) Support
  • Firmware Over-the-Air (FOTA) Updates, Integration with Bootloader (←)
  • Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Integration
  • MMU/MPU (Cont.)

Released Features History

1.8 Release (June 2017)

  • Tickless Kernel
  • BT 5.0 Features
  • Ecosystem: Tracing, debugging support through 3rd party tools
  • Improved Build and Debug
  • 3rd Party Compilers Support
  • Xtensa GCC support
  • Improved Build on Mac/Windows
  • MMU/MPU: Initial support (WIP)
  • Expand device support

1.7.1 Release (May 2017)

  • Updated TinyCrypt and mbedTLS
  • Bug fixes

1.7 Release (March 2017)

  • Unified Kernel continued
  • Direct Interrupt handling
  • CMSIS support
  • Native IP Stack
    • New Net and L2 APIs
    • Native protocols: MQTT, HTTP Library, CoAP (Zoap), NATS
  • Iotivity/OCF
  • Device Tree
  • Bootloader Support
  • Openocd support
  • RISC V Port
  • Xtensa Port

1.6.1 Release (May 2017)

  • Updated TinyCrypt and mbedTLS
  • Bug Fixes

1.6 Release (December 2016)

  • QMSI 1.3
  • Unified Kernel
    • New Kernel APIs with shims for old Kernel APIs
  • HW Crypt Offload
  • Native CoAP
  • Shell Improvements
  • USB Mass Storage
  • Power Management Enhancements for Quark SE
  • Nordic BLE Controller

1.5 Release (August 2016)

  • TCP Support
  • Integration of the Paho MQTT Library support with QoS
  • Flash Filesystem Support
  • Integration of the mbedTLS library for encryption
  • Improved BR/EDR support (for L2CAP, in particular).
  • Support for the Altera Nios II/f soft CPU architecture