Zephyr Developer Advocate & Project Evangelist


Role description

The Zephyr Project (Zephyr) is seeking a project evangelist and developer advocate to help grow and support the global Zephyr community.

Ideally, you have experience in being a developer and contributing code to a project,  help new developers become productive in a project,  being able to explain the new technical features of a project,  evangelize the project to developer communities and meetups,    getting volunteers participating in tasks beyond code development, and managing communities.  Most importantly, you have empathy for developers going through their journey to have a successful experience in participating in Zephyr and are here to help them. Also, you like to travel, enjoy speaking at events, developing presentations, demos and teaching people.

You value the power of a diverse human network to sustain and grow technology communities, and you foster building connections between people.  You look at a long-term, healthy global community of developers and others as a meaningful legacy which you are profoundly motivated to build.

If you take on this role, you will be a key member of the Zephyr/LF staff working closely with project community members along with Zephyr technical and marketing teams. You will help identify, cultivate and promote work being built by the community. You will also play a key role in gathering and sharing the needs of the broader user community with Zephyr staff and members.


  • Technical skills: You are hands-on with Zephyr and Embedded technologies
  • Speaking skills: You have experience giving presentations and love crafting presentations for a specific audience, from developers to the C suite.
  • Advocacy skills: You can act as a champion for the needs of Zephyr project
  • Writing skills: You have written articles, case studies, books and blog posts showcasing your technical acumen
  • Social skills: You love getting out and connecting with people about technology.
  • Willing to shift schedules to accommodate the challenges presented by working with colleagues and members across the globe!
  • Able to travel, including internationally, several times a year to attend events.
  • You have 5+ years of experience in open source engineering, developer advocacy, product management or sales engineering.
  • Experience working with open source projects and communities.
  • Ideal: you have “influencer” status in the embedded community. When you talk, people listen.
  • You are an open source pragmatist at heart!

How to Apply

To add your Zephyr related job postings to this page, please email info@zephyrproject.org