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Complete flexibility & freedom of choice

- Open source & neutral governance
- Supports multiple hardware architectures
- Small footprint: scales from small Cortex-M devices to multi-core 64-bit CPUs

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Connect embedded devices securely to any cloud

- Multiple protocol options including BLE mesh and Thread
- Supporting industrial, automotive, smart city and smart home
- Cloud agnostic – Connect with transport layer security to any cloud

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Develop products with safety built in

- Long-term support
- In-depth security development lifecycle
- Functional safety certification coming soon

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Over 200 boards supported

Zephyr supports more than 200 boards. Search our list for the hardware used in your application. This diversity of supported boards gives developers and product manufacturers multiple options to solve their embedded RTOS challenges with Zephyr. If your board is not supported out of the box, adding support for a new board is simple.

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Zephyr up squared board
Zephyr hexiwear k64 board
Zephyr stm32 board
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Zephyr project members help shape the direction of the project and provide guidance to help all members of the community get the most out of Zephyr.

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